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User-friendly system backup & restore software. It has a step-by-step wizard which makes it easy to perform
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18 June 2015

Editor's review

Losing data can one of the biggest nightmares that one can experience. There could be many reasons for data loss and you are likely to be responsible for most of the cases. But one that is not in your hand is that your system gets crashed without giving you any warning. Hence you need something that gives you the ability to get back all the items back. Or in the mean which you needed something that can help you top back up every single item and do not create the trouble you want of recovering the items. These two are the functions that can be achieved by two distinct tools. But with Eassos System Restore 1.0.0 you get the both facility right in your hand.

Eassos System Restore 1.0.0 offers the users to back up the their data of the system and prevent loss of valuable data. Also if some of the vital data or critical information is lost due to the damage the system has inflicted, this exclusive application enables in restoring them perfectly. Eassos System Restore 1.0.0 opens with a perfectly bright and informative GUI. On its left you can view the option for Backup, Where in you can use it to back up all your files and folders. Whereas on the right side you get to view the Restore option which can enable you to get the restored files in time. One of the brilliant feature you can discover with this application is that it possess a massive speed of recovery, enabling you to get back all the items you lost at 1 GB per minute.

Every item that are recovered by this solution are perfectly in working condition and also you can find many features available with Eassos System Restore 1.0.0. We hence can rate this software tool a rating of four on 5.

Publisher's description

Eassos System restore is specialized and reliable software for Windows backup & restore. You can easily backup any Windows systems with it including EFI-based computers. It supports full backup and incremental backup and backup files can be protected by password. It¡¯s cost- effective solution to protect system, data and installed programs, as Eassos System Restore can perform system restore even when Windows fails to boot.
Eassos System Restore adopts a wizard interface, which makes it very easy to use. You can complete system backup and restore operation only by clicking the mouse for several times!
Eassos System Restore backs up and restores system with fast speed, which is even faster than Ghost!
It supports backing up all Windows systems for desktop, laptop and server, including EFI-based computer.
Eassos System Restore supports incremental backup that only backs up changed files since last backup, which improves backup speed as well as saves disk space. Accordingly, system can be restored to any state you've backed up before, which greatly increases the program's practicability.
Eassos System Restore supports a variety of system restore modes in order to guarantee system can be restored in any circumstances such as system can¡¯t boot.
Image file created by Eassos System Restore can be protected by password in order to prevent undesired system restore.
Eassos System Restore
Eassos System Restore
Version 2.0.1
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User comments

it is really easy to use, and my aunt learned it in several minutes!
basically, it backs up my Win7 successfully and I did incremental backup for once. And it has fast speed.
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